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Weeks Announces Campaign to Fight Against AIDS

January, 15, 2002: Kimmie Weeks has announced plans to dedicate the next six months to promoting the fight against HIV/AIDS and raising funds for famine victims in East Africa.

Kimmie Weeks says his decision to prioritize AIDS and famine over other projects results from the gravity of these issues. He notes that "millions of children have AIDS, are at risk of contracting AIDS of have been affected by AIDS in one way or another. Their lives are miserable and I can no longer sleep well with the knowledge that so many children are simply suffering and dying." Weeks said his heart also goes out to the millions of people at risk of starvation in Ethiopia. "I remember the first time I saw real human suffering in the news was during the Ethiopian famine of the 80s. One million people died. They say this new famine wave might be worse, but we can't let that happen."

Weeks says he will spend most of the next six months traveling to high schools and colleges across the United States promoting UNICEF's AIDS campaign and motivating young people to fundraise for ending AIDS and starvation. "Young people in America are eager to help but don't know how," He said. "This new campaign will be the wildfire that nourishes [young people's] burning desire to bring change."

Over the years, Kimmie Weeks has headed several successful humanitarian projects including the '94 vaccination and health campaign in Liberia, the '96 campaign to disarm Liberian child soldiers, and a reconciliation project in '98. He has also raised thousands of dollars for education projects.