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Kimmie Weeks calls for end to Iraq sanctions

Internationally acclaimed child rights activist, Kimmie Weeks has added his voice to the call for war efforts against Iraq to stop. Kimmie Weeks made the call during a speech to students at St. John's University and St. Benedict's College in Minnesota on Tuesday, January 21, 2002.

In the speech, which marked St. John's University's celebration of Martin Luther King Day, Weeks cautioned that a war against Iraq would devastate the already fragile humanitarian conditions in that country. Referring to NGO reports that Iraq will fall into humanitarian chaos if war takes place, Kimmie Weeks observed that "the Iraqi nation depends on relief food and assistance. When the war starts, relief missions will be forced to leave. Just imagine if that happens. Imagine the hundreds of innocent people who will die because they don't have food or water. Who are we to sit down and allow hundreds of women and children to die?"

Kimmie Weeks called for diplomatic measures to resolve the Iraqi conflict as opposed to waging a war that could kill hundreds of civilians. He cautioned that in the event of war, "even if no civilian is killed by gun fire, they will still die from hunger or disease."

Kimmie Weeks also called for an end to decade old sanctions against Iraq. He observed that the sanctions have derived Iraqi children of necessary medicine, clean drinking water, nutrition and proper sanitation.