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Kimmie Weeks calls for intervention

July 8, 2003: Liberian civil war survivor and internationally acclaimed child rights activist Kimmie Weeks is calling for immediate international intervention in the ongoing Liberian civil war.

In separate letters to the United Nations, White House, European Union and African Unity, Kimmie Weeks noted that "two days of warfare have already caused bloodshed on levels that cannot be ignored." He observed: "We cannot call ourselves civilized if we sit back and allow innocent people to suffer and die under these conditions."

In the letter dated May 25th 2003, Kimmie Weeks outlined a ten step plan to restore and build lasting peace in Liberia. The plan calls for a united international request for Liberian President Charles Taylor to step down, the immediate insertion of foreign troops to create a buffer zone between opposing forces and the instituting of a transitional government.

Kimmie Weeks has also condemned the shelling of civilian displaced centers in Monrovia and is calling on the United Nations to announce plans to penalize groups responsible for crimes against humanity. "We cannot allow them [warring groups] to think they're safe to do whatever they please. The United Nations can and must take proactive steps to warn warring factions that they will have to answer for atrocities committed."

Weeks is launching an international petition to convince regional and western governments to send intervention forces into Liberia.

Ten Steps for Peace

  1. United international calls for the resignation of Charles Taylor.
  2. Guarantee of safe passage for Charles Taylor and immediate family members to ensure that his death will not be an excuse for his loyalist to initiate a killing spree.
  3. Arrival of Foreign forces to secure key locations in the capital and create buffer zones between warring groups.
  4. Full international participation in negotiating a timetable for disarmament.
  5. Disarmament of all rebel groups.
  6. Setting up of 6 month transitional government.
  7. Immediate activation of reconciliation and rehabilitation programs.
  8. Immediate activation of infrastructure rebuilding funds.
  9. Immediate job creation and vocation training for all ex-combatants.
  10. Holding of elections in 1 year.