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Kimmie Weeks cautions international community

July 8, 2003: Exiled Liberian child rights activist Kimmie Weeks is cautioning the international community to take cautious steps while dealing with the Liberian situation and removing Charles Taylor from power.

"I remain wary of the presence of rebel forces in the Liberian capital. Peacekeepers will have a difficult time preventing the rebels from attempting to seize symbols of power even in the absence of Charles Taylor."

In concluding the statement, Weeks called for the United States to press both Charles Taylor and leaders of the rebel group LURD to order the immediate disarmament of their troops. Weeks pointed out: "America has immense power and leverage to force both groups to declare a cease fire and call for disarmament. Disarmament must be now, not later."

Kimmie Weeks was 18 years old when government forces loyal to Charles Taylor attempted to assasinate him for a report he had released on its involvement in the training and use of children as soldiers.