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Thousands of people in North America, Europe, The Middle East and Africa to be inspired

World acclaimed Liberian child rights activist Kimmie Weeks has embarked on a global speaking tour, which will take him to capitals across Africa, Europe, North America, and the Middle East. While on tour, Kimmie Weeks will speak to thousands of people at audiences ranging from a few hundred to several thousand. Mr. Weeks will deliver speeches in several countries including the United Kingdom, Spain, Turkey, Oman, South Africa, Nigeria, France, and Luxemburg.

Kimmie Weeks is currently in South Africa where he is serving as an Executive-in-Residence at the prestigious African Leadership Academy. Over the course of his three day visit to South Africa, Weeks will address an audience of hundreds of talented young scholars. He will also conduct two executive seminars on ending poverty in Africa, and the use of children in armed conflicts.

Kimmie Weeks has already delivered dozens of speeches to diverse audiences. Kimmie speaks form a unique perspective on topics such as civil war, child soldiers, children affected by war, children
living in difficult circumstances, poverty, and peace building allow him to instantly connect with young audiences. His unique ability to navigate his speeches from the ravages of war to the potential of young people as activists, make his speeches incredibly motivational and effective.

Weeks uses his background as a youth activist to inform young people of the world’s humanitarian crisis and to motivate them by offering them tools to become activists for social change. Kimmie notes: “I remain a strong believer in the power of young people to make change happen. I believe that young people have immense power, more than we realize. Once [young people] are informed and begin to feel the issues, they will discover their passion for change and will put it to use.”

Kimmie’s impact is already being felt around the world. Both the Arab news network AlJazeera and author Susan Skog have likened Kimmie Weeks to iconic figures such as Martin Luther King, Ghandi and Nelson Mandela. In her book Peace in Our Lifetime, Susan Skog writes: “We are all Kimmie Weeks, Martin Luther King, Jr., Mahatma Gandhi, Jimmy Carter, Elissa Tivona,
Natalie Wieseltier, Lech Walesa, Alina Pienkowska, and all the grand peacemakers featured in this book. And they are all of us. Our suffering is their suffering. Our dream and longings are their dreams and longings. Their choices for peace can be our choices. We all can work for a brighter future laid on a million miles of change and supported by infinite guidance.”

A native of Liberia, 27 year-old Kimmie Weeks holds bachelors from Amherst College (USA) and Masters from the University of Pennsylvania (USA). Based upon his own childhood experiences, Kimmie now works on a variety of projects to empower children and youth trapped by war and poverty to improve their own lives. His organization Youth Action International is active in a number of countries including Liberia, Sierra Leone and Uganda. Its objectives are to work with youth (rather than simply for youth), to encourage youth to economically empower young people.

One observe notes: “too often the media is dominated by images of Africa which portray Africa and its people as helpless victims, in need of relief. The message of Kimmie Weeks is a necessary antidote to this – for his work is grounded in the firm conviction that youth can help themselves, given guidance and opportunity. It is a powerful, universal message.”

Kimmie Weeks will conclude his international speaking tour in August 2009.